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Important Notice of Disclaimer  


Our catalogue contains general information on a wide subject of products which we manufacture and sell internationally. Certain specialized products and models or sizes which are detailed in this catalogue may/may not be available immediately in your area or country. If available, these products may have additional customizable options to those depicted in the catalogue. Before a purchase of any product by reference to this catalogue, kindly check on it’s availability and provide us with your specific measurements and special requirements if any. We guarantee all our customers a swift and valid response. All enquiries are welcome.


Product dimensions and specifications depicted in this catalogue apply to our product line-up and options described at the date of issue. We at PROGAGE have a strict policy of continuous product and service improvement and may therefore alter our product offerings and specifications at any time. Kindly check with our sales staff from your nearest dealer to ensure that this catalogue correctly describes our current product line-up. 


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PROGAGE Precision Engineering is a manufacturing house that retains its primary base of operations in Singapore; now with a global reach that strategically covers key regions in South-east Asia. We produce a wide range of precision mechanical limit gauges, measuring tools, non-standard fixtures and further specialize in designing and fabricating precision jigs and gauging systems in both mechanical and automated formats.


Our facilities, in conjunction with parent company PROTOOL Engineering Enterprises (PROTOOL Group of companies) brings you comphrehensive engineering services birthed from a highly dedicated and professional environment. We firmly believe, that success is largely interdependent on providing our clients with reliable products paired with swift and accurate advice. From initial contacts to long-standing accounts, we guarantee you the same level of enthusiam throughout.